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Chiropractor in Concord | Jason R. Rose, DC

“It was always my chiropractor that kept me on the playing field throughout High School and Legion baseball. I played infield and I was always diving on the ground. Hip, shoulder, rib, neck: you name it, he fixed it.” Dr. Jason knew his calling wasn’t in professional baseball, but he still wanted to work with athletes and loved the natural approach of chiropractic.


Dr. Jason Rose

Dr. Jason Rose

After completing his B.A. in Chemistry, Cum Laude, at California State Sacramento, he chose to attend Parker University in Dallas, Texas for his Doctorate in Chiropractic. “It’s one of the top schools in the country, so that’s why I was willing to travel 2,000 miles to attend there. Not only had my oldest brother and sister-in-law received their degrees from there, but the President of the college, Dr. Mancini has a huge heart for patients and chiropractic alike. He is absolutely one of the leading doctors in the profession and is a great ambassador, as evidenced by his sharing of the natural healing message on nationwide doctor shows.”

Dr. Jason completed his internship at the Parker Clinic in Irving, Texas as well as the UNEVE Clinic outside of Mexico City. It is leading-edge exchange programs like this that make Parker University one of the leaders in chiropractic education. While living in Mexico, Dr. Jason learned Spanish and enjoys treating the Spanish-speaking population in Concord. Upon completion of his internship and National Board Exams in 2006, Dr. Jason was thrilled to head further East and join his older brother and his wife in practice at OmniHealth.

Carolina TotalCare Treats a Variety of Conditions

“I really love all the different conditions that we are able to treat in our clinic. Sports is what got me into chiropractic and I still love working with amateur and professional athletes alike, but it’s the variety of people we see in our clinic that makes each day enjoyable. Having massage therapy, nutrition, hormone therapy, and acupuncture all within reach on a daily basis not allows us to treat a wider array of conditions, it allows our patients to get better quicker. And that’s really the best part of working with patients- watching them return to doing the activities they were not able to do.” Whether it’s a return to the playing field, a return to work, recovery from an auto accident, or simply playing with your kids or grandkids without hurting, our goal is to restore your life to 100% function!

On a personal note…

Dr. Jason enjoys living and promoting the healthy lifestyle that chiropractic is a part of. He runs regularly and enjoys playing softball and coaching little league baseball. He is newly married to Katie, and they have a little Italian Greyhound named Bella.

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